Every session is unique, you'll only meet the best version of me so please offer me the best version of you.

When you come to my place the first thing that I'll ask from you is to take a shower and leave the unscelled envelop with my donation on the bathroom counter or the table.

If it's our first time meeting I will suggest a longer date so we can get to know each other but it's not mandatory.

As any professional, I require a 48 hours notice for cancellation. If you’re indisposed and don’t provide me with enough notice, I will require a 25% cancellation fee, sent via an electronic gift card of my choosing. This will compensate me for the time I saved for us. If you cancel less than 24 hours I will require a 50% cancellation fee.

Limits & Restrictions

Although I do offer GREEK, i reserve the right to change my mind if I feel like your equipment could hurt me.  I'll respect your boudaries so please respect mine.

Consent is really important and often dissmissed in my line of work but a person who doesnt understand the word "no" will be asked to leave immidately and without refund.

My limits and restrictions can be discussed in advance i dont offer kinks as (scatophilia, fisting, blood and knife play)


You might want to treat me or spend some quality time in my favorite spots when visiting so i'll leave you some suggestions on how to make me happy.

SPOIL ME - SexToys -  - DRINKS - Palm Bay ( Ananas Mandarine ) -   - TREATS - A milk chocolate box  - - HOTELS - Chez Swann -  -DINER -LOV - Le Mousso - Bonaparte - Pastel - Le serpent - Maison Boulud - Marcus - Bouillon Bilk - Joe Beef - Gibby's - Pigor - Jerome Ferrer - Park Sushi - Le Garde.-Manger  - GOOD DEED - Clinique Juridique de St-Michel -  -


Confidentiality is key. I'm used to deal with public figures, I'm discrete and will never out my clients

You'll always meet me freshly showerd


* Please contact me directly for more rates